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Foreclosures in Millbrae, CA

Millbrae is the 287th largest city in California, comprising of over 6 foreclosure properties listed in the past month. Millbrae is located approximately 8 miles from the next largest city, San Francisco, CA. The current population of Millbrae, CA is 21,257 people living in _ properties. Millbrae's average home value is $1,566,833. Below is a list of the key real estate information when considering on buying a foreclosure property in Millbrae, CA.
Foreclosure % _%
Total # of Foreclosures 6
Foreclosure Average Value $1,566,833
Change in Foreclosures YOY
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 claremont ct  millbrae CA foreclosure
claremont ct
millbrae, CA 94030

4 beds / 2 baths / 1,640 sqft
Single Family Residence
Year built: 1964
Added: 2 days ago
 aviador ave  millbrae CA foreclosure
aviador ave
millbrae, CA 94030

3 beds / 1 bath / 930 sqft
Single Family Residence
Year built: 1944
Added: 24 weeks ago
 capuchino dr  millbrae CA foreclosure
capuchino dr
millbrae, CA 94030

5 beds / 4 baths / 4,280 sqft
Single Family Residence
Year built: 1988
Added: 35 weeks ago
 landing ln  millbrae CA foreclosure
landing ln
millbrae, CA 94030

3 beds / 1 bath / 1,020 sqft
Single Family Residence
Year built: 1953
Added: 283 weeks ago
 lewis ave  millbrae CA foreclosure
lewis ave
millbrae, CA 94030

0 bed / 0 bath
Single Family Residence
Added: 370 weeks ago
 elmwood dr  millbrae CA foreclosure
elmwood dr
millbrae, CA 94030

3 beds / 2 baths / 1,610 sqft
Single Family Residence
Year built: 1955
Added: 528 weeks ago
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