the RealQuest difference

  • the nations’s largest database of ownership and property data

    We get our data directly from the source. With information from 3,200 county databases, RealQuest data is fresh, accurate, and your best choice for getting your job done faster.

  • no commitments, no hassles

    Our monthly plans are convenient for you. With no long term contracts, you can cancel online anytime.

  • “right-for-me” plans and pricing

    A variety of data plans that meet your needs. Starting at $49 per month.

  • integrated for-sale listings

    Get the full picture - match for sale listings with property and mortgage details.

  • 1 million foreclosure reports - the direct data difference

    We directly source foreclosure data from county records. It’s the freshest, most reliable data on the web. No one else can deliver this nationwide pool of information to you as quickly and accurately.

  • property ownership information

    Know who owns the home, since when, and what they paid. Full visibility of publicly available information.

  • financial condition

    Initial loan amount, rate, estimated equity, and lender information. With insight into vital mortgage details, you’ll get information instantly about a home's existing financial condition.

Please see RealQuest Professional for multiuser or high-volume business needs.