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What is HomeStandings™?

If you are serious about a specific home, then HomeStandings™ is vital to help you make the best decision possible.

Beyond simple home data, HomeStandings™ provides an easy-to-understand grade to help you determine the overall "purchase quality" of the home. Learn how a property measures up for pricing, surrounding market, crime, schools, rents, investment opportunity, and more.

Know what we know about a home and its neighborhood. Get HomeStandings™ today.

  • Overall Score — Immediately Assess the Property

    HomeStandings™ weighs multiple categories to assess its overall "purchase quality".  A report card grade gives you immediate insight to a home's relative value.  Spend less time qualifying good opportunities!
  • Detail Scores — Multiple Categories

    Want to see the details? Based on our industry leading analytics, see the grades we assign ten factors that comprise a home's overall HomeStandings™ grade.  Powerful data, easy to understand.
  • Investment Grade — Based on Approach

    Looking to invest in this home yourself?   Does your client want to rent it out?  If so, then you'll want to pay attention to its investment suitability based on approach.  Whether income or growth - our data gives you the best advice.

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